Thursday, May 29, 2014

LUCKY THEM - Reviews and Interviews

So many amazing posts and reviews have been coming out around the release of LUCKY THEM that I've decided to try to archive them all in one place so I can return to them and read them whenever I feel blue. Please excuse the blatant self-promotion and enjoy some positivity along with me:

Variety - Review
by Justin Chang

Moveable Fest - Megan Griffiths on Staying True to Lucky Them
by Stephen Saito

Rolling Stone - Review
by Peter Travers

The Dissolve - Review
by Chris Klimek

The A.V. Club - Review
by Mike D'Angelo

Can We Talk About Toni Collette in Lucky Them?
by Karen Kemmerle

NY Post - Review
by Lou Lumenek

Today Show - Ryan Eggold Performs
Kathie Lee & Hoda

Filmwax Radio - Podcast w Megan/Emily
by Adam Schartoff

Today Show - Toni Collette Interview
by Kathie Lee & Hoda

Access Hollywood - Toni Collette Interview

Bob Rivers Show - Megan Radio Interview

Vanity Fair Article - "How Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward Put Toni Collette, Thomas Haden Church, and Johnny Depp Together in Lucky Them"
by Bennett Marcus

Fandor Interview with Megan Griffiths about LUCKY THEM
by Sean Axmaker

Guest Blog on Women in Hollywood about Summer Indie Movie Challenge
by Megan Griffiths

Daily Beast - Interview with Toni Collete 
by Melissa Leon

Paste Magazine - Interview with Megan Griffiths & Emily Wachtel
by Michael Dunaway

5 Questions with Megan Griffiths
by Jenny Yule - Review
by Christy Lemire

Village Voice - The Nimble Lucky Them Seeks Out a Grunge Legend
by Chris Packham

Examiner - Toni Collette and Thomas Haden Church Look For a Rock Star in Lucky Them
by Carla Hay

A Conversation with Megan Griffiths
by Michael Tully

LA Times - Review
by Martin Tsai

Musee Magazine - Review
by Belle McIntyre

Seattle Met - A Fiendish Conversation with Megan Griffiths
By Seth Sommerfeld

Seattle Times - Reviews
by Moira Macdonald

Kicking the Seat - Review
by Ian Simmons

Interview - KIRO Radio
by Tom Tangney

Weekly Volcano - Review
by Jared Lovrak

The Inlander - Review
by Mike Bookey

The Spokesman Review - Lucky Shows Off the Real Seattle
by Nathan Weinbender

Santa Fe Reporter - Review
David Riedel

Paste Magazine - Review
Monica Castillo

Tresspass - Review
by Sarah Ward

The Australian - Review
by Stephen Romei

Brisbane Times - Review
by Jake Wilson

Echo Newspaper - Review
by Tracey Fox

Sydney Arts Guide - Review
by Richard Cotter

Sydney Morning Herald - Thomas Haden Church takes the long route to road trip movie Lucky Them
by Phillipa Hawker

The Dissolve - Pick of the Day
by Tasha Robinson - Review
by Leigh Paatschon

ABC Australia - Review
by Christian Horgan

Popcorn Feminist - ‘Lucky Them': Indie’s deliciously detestable leading woman
by Sarah Edmonds